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Welcome to, please use the map below to find a Federal Benefit Counselor near you.

Find A Federal Benefit Counselor in Your Area

If you are a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE and are looking for a Federal Benefit Counselor in your area who has been specifically trained in your Federal Benefits, select your state above.

These Federal Benefit Professionals complete extensive training to become a ChFEBC (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant). They are required to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing Federal Government Benefits Programs. They have extensive knowledge about FERS, CSRS, Special Provisions (LEO, FF, ATC, CBPO, MRT). So if you have questions about your TSP, FEGLI, Social Security, or other aspects of your retirement benefits, we can help!

You can learn more about what is required to become a ChFEBC, our Code of Ethics, Disciplinary Process, and more by visiting us here ==>