Dan Scott

Dan Scott [ChFEBC℠]

4411 E Sunshine
Suite B
Springfield, MO 65809

Original Certification Date: 12/23/15

ChFEBC℠ Number: 160S275DM

Organization: Cascade Financial Management Inc. and RIA

Broker Dealer: Cascade Financial Management Inc.

Phone: 417-886-1113
Cell: 417-860-3878

Email: dscott@cascade-inc.com

Website: www.cascade-inc.com

States Currently Licensed: MO, FL, TX, WA, CO, WI.

Primary State Insurance License#: 0175417

Primary Insurance Companies: One of the advantages of being independent is that I can utilize the strengths of various companies that will provide the best solution for each individual situation.

Primary Investment Companies: We use many companies, after building your personal plan we will match the best solution to your situation.

Services: Cascade’s definition of wealth management is the delivery of services, advice, and solutions which integrate investment consulting, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable planning.

Additional Information: Relationships with my clients revolves around becoming actively and personally involved in clients financial decision-making to help clients achieve confidence, comfort, and success in their financial affairs.  Plan Wisely – Invest confidently – Enjoy Life.

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