Kathleen N. Sanford

Kathleen N. Sanford [ChFEBC℠]

4100 Market Street SW
Suite 100
Huntsville, AL 35808

Original Certificate Date: 3/4/2022

ChFEBC℠ Number: 1K120H0S2

Phone: 256-604-8191
Cell: 256-604-8191

Email: kathleen@febcnow.com

Website: www.kathleen@febcnow.com/

States Licensed: AL, FL, NC, TN, GA, ect

CRD #: 4940092

Primary Insurance: Lafayette, Broker’s International, ect

Primary Investment: Redhawk Wealth Advisors – Independent and able to use all investments

Services: Educational on federal benefits, estate planning and all investment and insurance related items